Since I was little, I always loved academics. I enjoyed reading textbooks and learning how complex systems work, which naturally led me to science. I live by logic and reason and prioritize the discovery of the truth and solving problems. I was valedictorian in high school and graduated with honors in undergrad. When I realized I wasn't ready to stop studying and thinking about science, I continued on in my academic journey in a PhD program. Recently, life has taken an unexpected turn and I am now an entrepreneur on a mission to fix everything that is wrong with academia and accelerate scientific progress.


I'm a multidimensional renaissance girl, unable to fit into any boxes. I am always changing as I strive for self improvement and discover new interests. If I had to choose some natural phenomenon that best represents me it would be fire. My experiences are quite diverse and include firefighting, ultimate frisbee, motorcycles, running, gogo dancing, bartending, bodybuilding, and traveling all around the world. I am quite open minded and enjoy experiencing pretty much everything that life has to offer.


I don't know how to be anything other than myself. I am honest, open, and real. I don't act like your typical pretty girl. I was bullied all throughout my childhood and that has molded me into someone who embodies empathy and kindness and accepts people as they are. I feel and care deeply and I have a strong desire to connect with people and be something in their life that is good. When I am with you, I am fully present and focused on you, striving to make you feel seen, valued, and desired.





She’s even sexier in person than in her pictures, they do not do her justice. Absolutely stunning. She looks great with brunettevhair as well. She’s got a very welcoming personality. She’s a good conversationalist and made me feel comfortable. I really enjoyed my time and would definitely return to see her again. Sounds like their are big things in the future for her. No question I’m giving her Five stars.

vakeswoosh18  March 2022


Brief Date 2 hours

Dinner Date 3 hours

Dinner Date 6pm - 10pm

Dinner & Sleepover 6pm - 8am

All Day 10am - 10pm

All Day & Sleepover 10am - 8am

Multiple Days







$6,000 per day

Outcall dates must include the cost of my Lyft rides. Fly-me-to-you dates must include the cost of my flights + Lyft rides + compensation for my time spent traveling ($300 per hour).

Image by Aaron Burden



Crisp, uncrumpled $100 bills only please in an unsealed envelope. Payment should be placed somewhere visible at the beginning of our date and never discussed during our time together.


My time is highly valuable, so please be respectful of it. It is your responsibility to be aware of the time toward the end of our date and make concluding remarks at the appropriate time.


Cancelling or rescheduling with less than 2 days notice will result in a 25% cancellation fee. Cancelling or rescheduling on the same day of our date will result in a 50% cancellation fee.



I have limited availability the week of Sep 3rd - Oct 7th. Then I'll be on hiatus until December.

San Francisco Incall/Outcall

Outer Bay Area Outcall

USA Fly-me-to-you

2 hour $2,000 minimum

4 hour $3,000 minimum

4 hour + Sleepover $5,000 minimum